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The Ultimate Guide To Best dApps Monetization Model You Wish You Knew Before

Understand, what is dApp

The world of dApps is still in its early stages, While cryptocurrencies have received greater investor interest, dApp has become increasingly popular amongst businesses. Businesses from a variety of sectors are already creating and trying to best dApp monetization ways to boost their revenue. In this ultimate guide, we'll cover the most popular monetization models with dApp examples so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

But before understanding the ways to monetize dApp let’s first understand dApp's meaning or what is dApp.

What is dApp?

A dApp is a blockchain platform-based open-source application. The app data is not managed on a single device, unlike traditional apps (servers). dApps are constructed on top of a public blockchain, which is nothing more than a group of nodes. Blockchain is also known as a network of nodes that maintain an identical ledger, despite the fact that you may already be aware of it as a public distributed ledger.

How do dApps Make Money?

Fees for Transactions

Well, there are numerous ways. One of the effective ways to make money is by adding a fee for transactions. dApps must pay a transaction fee of a certain amount in order to be profitable. This tactic has worked well for dApps like CryptoKitties.They take around 3.75 percent of the transaction fee from each winning auction.

Premium service

By integrating a Premium service in your contracts, you can monetize your dApp. You can limit access to particular features for your subscribers or users with a premium membership. The length of your dApp's membership may be usage-based or time-based, such as monthly access.


For new dApps with cutting-edge features, this monetization strategy is very popular. The most practical approach for raising money for your dApp is crowdsale. Tokens must be created and distributed to users in return for their project investment.

Even if this type of monetization can help you raise a lot of money, you still need a strong marketing strategy to draw in investors. You must describe to potential investors your dApp's unique features and your profit-sharing plan when you go through with a crowd sale. This aids them in determining whether or not they wish to invest in your dApp.


If any of the previous steps seem like too much trouble, you may always simply include your cryptocurrency address in your service or dApp for any kind of donor.

Create digital products

Develop collectibles or digital goods that you can sell to your users. This is a great approach to maintain people's interest in your services and add a source of income. These digital products not only help in your financial gain but also enhance your brand recognition among your users.

Marketing Materials -

This one is less common because we're looking at dApps, but given its popularity in conventional apps, it's still worth a try. To increase sales, many companies decide to promote. We can use it to monetize our dApp.

Producing digital goods

CryptoKitties is one of the best instances of an Ethereum app that uses this monetization approach to generate revenue.

CryptoKitties created generation 0 kittens and distributed them to platform users so they could retain them as collectibles. They were able to convince consumers to invest in the digital product by making the cats useful, distinctive, and trending online.


These are some of the basic ways to monetize your dApp and make money through it. The number of dApps available on the market has significantly increased with the growing popularity of blockchain technology. In order to support their operations and look for new growth prospects, businesses are creating dApps nowadays.

Consider using the tactics outlined above if you want to monetize your dApps and increase their earning potential.

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