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We serve drink but with a purpose

HIC-The Smart Mix-o-Bot

More human. Less machine.

The world's first smart and emotive Mix-O-Bot!

Expresses 40 different emotions and plays Cupid.

Responds to your touch.

Listens to your voice.

Machine-learning powered.

IoT- and Alexa-enabled.

hic robot

The Story of HIC

Today technology is crippling real, human interactions. So we got thinking: how do we use technology to bring people together, to connect them in a real way? And HIC was born. A unique blend of technology and human emotions. A mix-o-bot that brings people together using mixology and a whole lot of fun!

What Makes it Cool
Hic make cool

Makes over 5000 unique cocktails and mocktails

hic time

Takes less than 15 seconds to make a drink

hic machine learning cloud

Uses machine learning to learn and suggest new recipes


IoT-enabled to make drinks based on weather, location and geography


Plays Cupid using personality analysis algorithms

hey alexa

Is Alexa-enabled

hic emotion

Expresses 40 different human emotions

hic- respond to touch

Responds to touch

HIc popcorn video
HIc Product image

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Exciting features offered by HIC which is world’s first smart and emotive MIx-o-Bot.

Who is it for?

HIC is for everyone. The young and the old. The connoisseurs and the teetotallers. The tech-savvy and the non-tech savvy. HIC can grace all kinds of occasions: from conferences to concerts! It can up the fun quotient in restaurants, pubs, and lounges by playing Cupid and helping strangers break the ice. It is just right for beverage brands and can also partner with brands who want to:

a. Strengthen their associations with technology

b. Create large-scale engagement for young consumers

c. Do something innovative

Hic - who is it for

Lets see how it all got started step by step 😎

hic -arrow
Hic - process girl
Design Sprint

A design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

hic - agenda


1. We all aligned why we are doing this project.

2. We think of ideas that we want to achieve in hardware & software.
3. We freeze on features and divide responsibilities.
4. We will try and get a bartender to share some knowledge with us about how drinks get made, etc.
Participants in Design Sprint
hic - engineer
hic - product designer
hic - bartender
hic - end customer
hic - entrepreneur
hic - sales guy
Brainstorming & Voting
hic - design
hic - thinking design
hic - planning
hic - ppt
hic - notes 2
hic - notes
hic - brainstorming
hic - sticky
hic - priority
Priority Features


1. Smart Customised cocktails preference based on data.

2. Real Social Interactions (Tinder+Surprises).

3. Person to interact with Alexa chat/Talk (voice).

4. Gamification in the bar, Selfies, Leader board, Free shots.

5. Personalised Glasses, Name on glass/art.

6. Fun Analytics, Free offers.


1. More viewing than listening.

2. Bot Shots.

3. Tipping the bot.

4. Tinder concept + surprising a friend.

5. Leaderboard.

6. Safety aspect, Uber/Breather analyser.

7. Bot Glass/Unique Glass.

8. Cigarette/Beer Dispenser.

9. Mood/Context based drinks.

10. Bar Bot Current/Pricing model like BSE.

hic - man with tab
hic - votes

Features with Votes

1. Food

2. Mood based drink options

3. Get drink fro any girl/boy in the bar

4. Fluctuating pricing like BSE

5. Surprise your friends with drinks

6. Barbot currency/gamification

7. BotShot - Flaming shots/direct shots poured by the barbot directly in mouth.

Features with No Votes

1. Light slow, juggling, human element

2. Customizable mugs which you can take home

3. Make it user friendly. Simple touchpoint.

4. Interactive with the help of voice over/subtitles.

5. Cool container to pour drink in.

6. Light Show in Bar Bot

7. A bright synchronized - light show - Bar Bot

Sketching & Prototyping
hic - design
hic - visuall deisgn
hic - design image
Visual Design
hic - Virtual design tab
hic - love in the air
tab app
alexa skills

HIC was jointly created by Klan and Chlorophyll Innovation Lab which is India’s first brand innovation collective.

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