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Sona beverages have come up with a beer brand called Simba in the Indian market. They were looking for a custom business intelligence application to be built for tracking their supply chain performance as a part of their country expansion plan. Our friends at beard design created the required designs for this project and engaged us to build the platform.

simba- klan
simba- klan


Sona Beverages


Business Intelligence Platform for Simba Beer


Beard Design


5 Months (Jul'18 - Nov'18)


simba- klanSimba - klanSimba - klanSimba - klan

The Challenge

“Data-driven decision making is key to supply chain success.” Our friends & partners at Simba beer are committed to making business decisions based on the performance analytics of various components in their supply chain.

We worked with Simba beer & beard design over 20 weeks to build a blazingly fast performance analytics platform in a way that makes the decision process easier and quicker to understand.

We built the entire ecosystem required to track the orders and their distribution performance. Mobile apps built for outlets allow Simba customers to place the orders for crates in an intuitive and easy manner.

Mobile apps built for the Simba beer distributors allow them to work on those order and communicate in a reliable and hassle-free way. For a supply chain business, it’s crucial to track the order from created to delivered state and time required/spent during each stage. We built a flexible system to track these data attributes with the order.

A Simba sales user global/regional can see these metrics via their dashboards. We built an alert system for sales users to keep a close watch on order volumes month by month and also on an outlet, region level. Distributor plays a key role in supply chain management; the entire company’s delivery throughput is dependent on the distributor and their readiness in handling the orders. We built intelligent distributor performance analytics metrics by analyzing the order data and tracking status changes.

Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan
Simba - klan


1. Android app for sales, distributors and retailers

2. iOS app for sales, distributors and retailers

3. Web app - dashboard for sales

Simba - distributor
Simba - wireframe

Building a high performant and near real-time analytics system was a challenge and we nailed it by making use of core fundamentals of data warehousing systems. We worked backward to build the system by keeping the end analytics metrics designed and developed star-schema and flat tables to provide comparative analytics data points.



Simba - Backend

The Challenge

Performance of API and page load time was equally important in this project. We managed to achieve page load time less than a second with 5 years of orders data. (Results were benchmarked using J-Meter)

The Solution

We designed a flexible and scalable data model in the relational database (PostgreSQL) to achieve the performance and future possible feature additions.


Simba - react frontend

The Challenge

Graph libraries and their performance was a critical point in this project. We did close to 10 different POC’s with multiple graph libraries before settling down on Chart.js react port.

There were a lot of custom graph components which were not directly available in the library. We went the extra mile by customizing the graph library as per our need without compromising the design. That’s why we say we deliver “Pixel perfect designs”

The Solution

We made use of the component architecture of react js completely keeping component reusability in mind. Instead of adding Redux.js we swiftly used context API for validation states & other things.

Our ninja frontend team also implemented the recursive nested filter in the table which was not provided by any of the libraries.


Simba - react Native

The Challenge

Our mobile team implemented an optimized version of the Flatlist to render heavy custom lists where memory utilization was a concern highlighted by the React Native community.

The Solution

Our mobile team implemented an optimized version of the Flatlist to render heavy custom lists where memory utilization was a concern highlighted by the React Native community.

We swiftly managed the differences of rendering in the iOS and Android without degrading the quality of the designs.

Simba - bottle


React Native
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Designed by Beard Design

Developed by Klan

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