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Tagwag helps you get perfect captions and hashtags for your images for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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What did you work on?

We worked on the product strategy, design and implementation.

- Research & Insight

- Design Sprint

- Product Strategy

- UX/UI Design

- Technology Strategy

- Data Science

- Machine Learning

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Who is it for?

Are you an Instagram storyteller? A picture is incomplete without a good caption and suitable tags to go with it. A good caption describes a picture in its own lyrics. As a storyteller, you need to complement a photo with a caption that justifies the picture in a few words. Must have app for every Instagram user. Everybody else is using this app already it's your turn to be next insta fame person.

- Teenagers

- College students

- Marketers

- Influencers

- Businesses

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Introduction & Overview

TagWag is a social media influencing application that helps you find sassy, catchy, awesome captions and trending hashtags for your social posts. Find the perfect caption for your awesome picture within 2 seconds using this application. Powered by AI, it automatically suggests trending captions and hashtags for your picture TagWag helps you gain more likes, followers and shares on Instagram, Facebook by providing captions and hashtags that complement your post.Every story needs a great ending they say but we believe every Instagram/Facebook/Twitter story needs a great caption and hashtags. 😉

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Story Behind Logo

The logo has been inspired from the YO gesture combining it with growth + analytics (shown using bar graph)

tagwag - logo story 1


tagwag - logo story 2


tagwag - logo story 3

Final Logo.

Color Palette

We decided to use purple color as we its cheerful, bold and targets the young user base. Also, purple is associated with royalty which implies users get royal captions which they boast about amongst their peer network.

#1800AC 100%

#1800AC 20%

tagwag - color palette


Poppins is one of the Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a popular design tool for building websites.

Heading 1

font-family: Poppins bold;

font-size: 32px;

color: #333333 100%;

line-height: 56px;

Heading 2

font-family: Poppins bold;

font-size: 16px;

color: #494949 100%;

line-height: 32px;


font-family: Poppins;

font-size: 14px;

color: #494949 100%;

line-height: 20px;

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- Information Architecture

- Low Fidelity Wireframes

- Design System

- Visual Design

- Interactive Prototype

tagwag - wireframe mobile
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How we achieved this

We achieved this by thorough study of human behaviour who are active social media users. After competitive research we made our own structure of design as shown below. This is how the process of designing started.

Structured Wireframe

tagwag - screen 1tagwag - arrow 1
tagwag - wireframe screen 1tagwag - arrow 2
tagwag - wireframe screen 3tagwag - arrow 3
tagwag - wireframe screen 4
tagwag - wireframe screen 5
tagwag - wireframe screen 6
tagwag - wireframe screen 7
tagwag - wireframe screen 8
tagwag - screen 1tagwag - arrow 1
tagwag - wireframe screen 1tagwag - arrow 2
tagwag - wireframe screen 3tagwag - arrow 3
tagwag - wireframe screen 4
tagwag - wireframe screen 5
tagwag - wireframe screen 6
tagwag - wireframe screen 7
tagwag - wireframe screen 8

Wireframe &
Visual Design

tagwag - flower vase
tagwag - main screen

Upload image from Gallery or Camera

If you want to take a picture instantly then you can select camera or if you want captions & hashtags for a picture which is already sitting in your gallery you can select the gallery option to upload the image.

tagwag - choose image screentagwag - visual design

AI powered Caption & Hashtags

With our magic sauce, you automagically see a list of captions and hashtags which are most relevant to the picture that you have uploaded.

tagwag - ai suggestionstagwag - visual design 2

Everything under one click

This is a detailed view where you can see the caption and all the hashtags generated for your uploaded image. These hashtags ensure your post has the maximum reach in terms of likes and followers.

tagwag - everything clicktagwag - visual design 3

Discover hashtags

You can discover and browse through different hashtags based on the category or occasion. These hashtags are fetched from trending hashtags on instagram which will get you maximum number of likes.

tagwag - capture momentstagwag - visual design 4

Share, Copy & Bookmark

You can directly share your posts on instagram, facebook or any other social media platform the app itself. If you like the captions you can copy it or you can bookmark it so that you can use it later

tagwag - share bookmarktagwag - visual design 5


You can search for any categories or keywords and relevant results out of it.

tagwag - all captionstagwag - visual design 6
tagwag - gun

Responsive Web Design

tagwag - web mac
tagwag - shadowtagwag - design development

When Design And Development
goes Hand in Hand

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We scraped more than 50k captions from instagram. The creative authors at hand wrote 5k+ captions. The captions scraped from insta needed to be cleansed before they could be supplied to the AI engine.Captions containing @mention and # hashtags. Captions were written in different languages and some captions were a mix of multiple language.The Cleaning process involved removal of #tags , @mentioned, large captions, promotional captions, marketing captions etc. Understanding the caption’s quality was a tedious task. After cleansing the data, the next big thing was to extract features from images using computer vision and AI model. Based on the images features we search for most recent trending hashtags using Instagram’s hashtag search api. Once get the features and trending hashtags, we index them in elastic search to find the best match.

Architecture Diagram

tagwag - architecture diagram
tagwag - QA

Quality Analysis

- Unit Testing

- Integration Testing

- System Testing

- Regression Testing

- Beta Testing

Checkout TagWag live in action..

tagwag - girl


#Hair #FacialExpression #Red #Beauty #Lip #Shoulder #Smile #Fashion #Photography #hands #tagwagai #blackhaircare #girld #skins #eyes #beautycare #facialexpression


Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.


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